How to Plan Your Elopement in Utah?

Step by step guide to your Utah Elopement

Step 1: Just like in any other state in order to elope in Utah: you will have to apply for a marriage license in person. You can obtain it at any county clerk's office in Utah. The good news is that there is no wait period, so you are able to have the ceremony right after getting approved! I recommend getting the license at least day before your ceremony. The marriage license will only be valid for 30 days, so if you are traveling to Utah for your elopement, keep that in mind when planning your adventure.

Step 2: Find ordained officiant. You’ll need is a licensed officiant and two witnesses for your ceremony.(photographer can be your witness)

Step 3: Pick the location. If you don't where you want to elope in Utah, i am here to help you choose just the right place depending on the scary you love. Whether it's the red rock, slot canyons, majestic canyons or mountains I know just the right place for your dream elopement or intimate wedding.

Step 4: Apply for necessary permits. Depending on your chosen location and group size, you'll need special use permit to elope in a National Park or on most public lands. I am here to assist you in getting those, or to scout a location that doesn't require any permits.

Best locations to elope in Utah.
Best locations to elope in Utah.
Best locations to elope in Utah.
Best locations to elope in Utah.
Best locations to elope in Utah.
Best locations to elope in Utah.
zion elopement in utah.
zion elopement in utah.
elopement in capitol reef

Best Locations to Elope in Utah

Now that you have your marriage license it's time to pick your dream location. Utah is an incredible state in terms of diversity of a landscape. It's no wonder: five National Parks are located right here in Utah. Whether you dream of desert elopement, mountain scapes with lakes or wildflowers, sand dunes or salt flats, Utah has it all. I wrote an extensive blog listing my top 5 Elopement Locations in Utah, but in a meantime read to to find out more about how to plan your elopement in Utah.

The most popular locations are obviously the National Parks:

  • The Arches, the Canyonlands, Bryce Canyon, Zion, Capitol Reef National Park. In order to elope in one of those you must obtain special use permit at least a month in advance, also to elope in a national park you have to choose one of the designated by the park ceremony locations. The easiest National Parks to elope in Utah i my opting are Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon and Capitol Reef. Special use permits are much easier to get with shorter notice, ceremony locations aren't as restricted with time, plus you don' t have to worry about a ranger checkin in on you during your ceremony.

If you want less crowds and more possibilities where to have your ceremony I recommend public lands, national forest or state parks.

Some of my favorite are:

As always you need inquire about special wedding permits, and I am here to help you assist in obtaining any necessary permits.

Utah is an ultimate adventure land for those who want more than just pretty backdrop. There are countless off -road locations with the most unique landscapes, numerous canyons to rappel to, slot canyons to hike through or off the beaten path locations you'll need a jeep to get to- anything for that amazing adventurous wedding you have been dreaming of . You should contact me for location recommendations but in a meantime to learn more about good engagement photo locations near Salt Lake City you can click here.

The Cost of Eloping in Utah

The marriage license will cost you around $30-50$ at the time of writing this blog but the general cost of eloping in Utah will depend on a few factors.

  • Where are you traveling from: Flights from the East Coast can cost $300-$700
  • how many people are you going to include (keep in mind the logistics get more complicated with larger groups and that can limit location options): you might consider renting a small wedding venue or making a reservation for dinner.
  • vendors you're going to hire: an officiant can cost anywhere from $350-$500, hair and makeup artist $350-$600, florals $100 and up and cakes $100 up.
  • accommodation you're going to boom (glamping, hotel or Airbnb)
  • and photography coverage. A good photographer knows his/her value and has an experience shooting in your desired area.

In general elopements and micro weddings cost fraction of the cost traditional weddings do. You can ready what's the main difference between elopement and a traditional wedding here. In general you can expect to spend anywhere between $5000 and up.

Great news, as an Utah Based photographer I offer special packages just for Utah. My packages start at 3hours of coverage and $3000 includes all travel and location recommendation.

how to elope in utah
Best elopement locations in Utah.
Best elopement locations in Utah.

Best Time to Elope in Utah

The great thing about Utah is that is a year long wedding destination.

  • Summers are always hot a dry but provide long days, almost always sunny weather and wildflowers when in the season in Northern Utah.
  • Spring and fall are very pleasant with occasional rain and a few rainbows if you're lucky,
  • winters deliver good amount of snow in the mountains up North, you will appreciate that if you love skiing, cozy mountain cabins, strolling though mountain towns such as Park City or are coming from warmer place and want a winter landscape. The only caveat to that is that many mountain passes are closed during winter in Utah so the locations for elopements are limited, but there are still many venues to choose from.
  • Winters still provide moderate temperatures and very little to no snow in Southern Utah (Zion, Moab or Bryce Canyon). If you want to avoid crowds and have some iconic locations just for yourself you might consider eloping in a winter in a desert.

As with any National Park June through August are the busiest months so you'd have to think ahead in terms of reservations, shuttles, camping or other accommodation reservation, but if you decide to elope on any BLM land that's always less crowded alternative.

So are you ready to elope in beautiful Utah?