The Wedding Tree Jackson Hole

Nestled in the heart of Wyoming, The Wedding Tree stands as an iconic symbol of romance and natural beauty. This secluded gem, located near Jackson Hole (about 30 min drive and 15 min drive from the Grand Teton National Park), offers couples a breathtaking backdrop for their vows. The tree itself, an ancient sentinel, overlooks the majestic Teton Range, providing an awe-inspiring panorama that captures the essence of nature's splendor.

For those considering an intimate ceremony, The Wedding Tree in Jackson offers a just such experience. Imagine exchanging vows under the blue sky overlooking magnificent Teton range from high above, away from the National Park crowds. This location is perfect for couples seeking a private yet stunning setting for their special day.

The area around the tree is dotted with yellow mules ears and other wildflowers in the spring and summer, creating a vibrant tapestry of colors that enhances the romantic atmosphere.

eloping at the wedding tree in Wyoming
eloping at the wedding tree in Wyoming
eloping at the wedding tree in Wyoming
eloping at the wedding tree in Wyoming
eloping at the wedding tree in Wyoming
eloping at the wedding tree in Wyoming

Eloping at the Wedding Tree in Jackson

If you're interested in eloping in Grand Teton National Park I recommend circling back to my previous blog that explains the process and goes over location. If you don't want to deal with the park for the permit part but still want epic views of the Teton range I highly recommend considering locations outside of the park, yet only a short driving distance. One of them is the Wedding Tree located in the Bridge Teton National Forest. The road to it passes the famous Mormon Row Barn and continues up through the forest land (the road got recently paved so it's suitable for all vehicles provided there is not a to of snow). Th e'venue' itself is very private and has the sense of the wilderness which is what many couples are asking for. You should apply for the permit at least 30 days prior to your wedding to allow them a significant time to process it. It's not necessary as I have seen approvals as fast as 7 days but it's recommended.

Pros of eloping at The Wedding Tree:

  • Gorgeous scenery and views of the Tetons plus the sense of being among the nature as opposed having the ceremony near a parking lot
  • Easy to get permits you can obtain directly through the Bridge Teton National Forest website. Just go on the website and pick the day and time that work for you, then choose the time frame, fill out the application and pay the $300 fee for Operational Plan.
  • you can choose between 1h-5h time slots which is plenty of time for the ceremony plus wedding pictures
  • nice yellow wildflowers starting to pop in early June
  • different vantage point of the Tetons that within the park
  • Less crowded and very private
  • No need to book months or even a year in advance as there are always days and time slots available if your schedule is flexible.
  • Allows for larger groups than most GTNP locations.

Cons of Eloping there:

  • Lack of toilets or amenities at the parking lot
  • Despite it being a short 4 min walk from the parking lot the path is not wheelchair accessible
  • You must pay a non-refundable processing fee of $300 which is due at the signing of this Operating Plan ($200 for a permit inside of the park)
  • A little further from the park entrance around 20 min drive
  • In the winter (November through April), 4-wheel drive vehicles are recommended.
  • No props such us arches, tables, rugs allowed but you may bring chairs upon approval.
  • Limited parking up to 6 vehicles so carpooling is encouraged.

Best Time to Get Married at the Wedding Tree in Jackson

Jackson Hole is located at much higher altitude than Utah therefore winters are much colder and longer. In general my favorite time of the year id late spring, summer and fall till about early of Nov.

Few things to keep in. ind when choosing time of the year to elope in Jackson. Many roads (including some going through GTNP) are closed from Nov-May. There isn't a definite date as it depends of a snow fall each year.

  • Early spring is still considered a winter time and you should expect a lot of snow high in the mountains, good skiing and snow lingering in the valley. Many locations and facilities remain closed. Road to the Wedding Tree should be opening up but you might need 4x4 vehicle
  • Late spring from May till June is some of my favor time for Jackson elopement and weddings. Most of the park and roads open up, the park isn't crowded, the green vegetation creates a beautiful contrast with snow capped mountains. Yellow wildflowers start to cover the savannah and wildlife viewing is abundant. Make sure to always carry a bear spray when going on hikes, even in visited areas such us Jenny Lake

Some things to consider for spring elopements in Jackson: You can expect some evening storms and dramatic. clouds. Precipitation is more frequent so be prepared for that and carry out umbrellas.

  • Summer is a great time to visit the Grand Teton National Park but that comes with a lot of crowds. The temperatures are perfect though: long sunny days, chance of rain small but expect longer lines getting into GTNP, many campsites booked months in advance, facilities crowded and permits are harder to obtain plus parking lots fill out super fast;

Also, The Wedding Tree might be booked on most of the days if you're not planning in advance but there always should be a timeframe available if you're flexible with time.

eloping at the wedding tree in Wyoming

Romantic Elopement in Wyoming

Conclusion: Getting married in Jackson Hole Wyoming means embracing the rustic charm but also unspoiled beauty of Wyoming. Couples who choose this path often find themselves deeply connected to the land and each other, creating memories that last a lifetime. No wonder every couple who eloped  with me is already planning a return trip to the Tetons. Whether you're planning a small wedding or intimate elopement Jackson Hole and the Tetons offer the scenery for both. Getting married at the Wedding Tree offers a unique blend of adventure and western romance, making it an ideal choice for those looking to start their journey together in a truly beautiful place.

Are you ready for your own Jackson Hole wedding?