Slot Canyon Elopement

A slot canyon elopement can be a breathtaking and intimate way to celebrate your marriage in a unique and picturesque setting. Slot canyons are narrow, deep canyons with steep, towering walls that are often carved by water erosion. These canyons offer a dramatic and otherworldly backdrop for elopements and weddings. Here are some steps to plan a slot canyon elopement:

  1. Choose the Location: Research slot canyons in your desired region. Popular slot canyon locations in the United States include Antelope Canyon in Arizona, Buckskin Gulch in Utah, and The Narrows in Zion National Park. Make sure to check if any permits or reservations are required.
  2. Select a Date: Consider the best time of year to visit the slot canyon, taking into account weather conditions and crowds. Some canyons may be closed during certain times due to flash flood risk, summers are in general too hot and pose great risk for flash floods.
  3. Photographer and Officiant: Hire a photographer and officiant who are experienced with slot canyon elopements. They can help you plan the logistics and capture the beauty of the location.
  4. Permits and Regulations: Check with the managing authority of the slot canyon for any required permits and regulations. This includes obtaining photography permits if necessary.
  5. Safety: Slot canyons can be challenging environments. Make safety a top priority. Be aware of weather conditions, flash flood risks, and follow any safety guidelines provided by authorities.
  6. Guests: Elopements are often intimate affairs, but you may want to invite a small group of close friends and family. Ensure they are aware of the physical demands and potential challenges of the location.

Slot canyon utah elopement.
Slot canyon utah elopement.
Slot canyon utah elopement.
Slot canyon utah elopement.
Slot canyon utah elopement.
Slot canyon utah elopement.
Slot canyon utah elopement.

Best Slot Canyons in Utah for Your Elopement

Utah is full of amazing slot canyons, some of which require hiking, rappelling and technical skills to but some very accessible off road. Majority of slots canyons are located in Southern Utah, but you can find some amazing ones near

  • Moab as well such as Little Wild Horse and Ding Dang. The former one is one of the most difficult one and requires some climbing skills, but if you don't venture out too far in you can find easily accessible walls and beautiful scenery.
  • If you're thinking about eloping in Zion National Park the Narrows come to mind, but Zion has many easier, less crowded but shorter slot canyons within the park or right outside of it.
  • Another great place is Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument in Southern Utah, which is surrounded by majestic mountains and red-rock canyons such like Peek-a-Boo/Spooky Willis Creek Canyon.
  • or the most famous one Antelope Canyon (requires a guide and expensive permit for elopement or photography). Interested in Utah elopement packages? Click here.

Why Should You Elope in Southern Utah?

To me number one reason is the scenery is unlike other. Yes, you can find big red rock wall anywhere in Souther Utah but what makes the slot canyons unique is how they're shaped, color of the rock is magically changing depending on the time of a day. Think of a big wavy labyrinth with desert color sand and beautiful smooth lines running along the walls. Millions years of geology at your finger tips ready to marvel. Slot canyons don't have to be narrow or claustrophobic, some are wide enough to fit a car, some offer amazing arches, caves and alcoves. Walls change color from dusty rose (as I like to call it) to vibrant reds and oranges...Once you're out of a canyon you can explore nearby desert and different landscape all around. But if your eloping in Zion, near St George or Bryce Canyon you can have your portraits taken at the nearest slot canyon for change of scenery.

Are you ready to elope in a slot canyon?