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Hi, I am Alina, elopement and adventure wedding photographer. Your elopement day should be as unique as the love between the of you. Whether you want to elope in Zion, Moab or other parts of Southern Utah I'm here to capture it in a way that tells a timeless story and to walk you through the process from start to finish.

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Your Ultimate Guide: How to Plan an Elopement?

Before we talk more about eloping we should address a very important question. First and foremost we should ask why should you elope? As I like to say, you get to create your timeline not a schedule, choose the scenery not a venue, make your day memorable, not stressful. You can break any traditions that don't fit, and choose adventure that does. Eloping is not running away from it all. It's making this special day intimate, intentional and very YOU.

You're here to learn more about the process and I am here to guide you through the basic steps, and to assure you it doesn't have to be a stressful experience. Big weddings take so much time and planning and cost a lot of money: elopements do not. You can read here why people choose elopements over weddings and decide for yourself. The best thing about elopements? You can often plan one in a month or less.

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8 Steps to How to Plan Your Elopement:

  1. Choose your location: First decide where you want to get married. Start with narrowing down to the scenery to what you love. In this first step you don't have to know the exact location but try narrowing down what landscape are you most drawn to, which state appeals to you the most. Is it the desert, the rugged peaks, the mountains with alpine lakes, the beach? An experienced photographer will help you choose the best, most picturesque location based on your ideas. Close your eyes an imagine yourselves in this very intimate moment that is your elopement and where do you see yourselves standing? This is a fun part of the elopement planning, so just enjoy it. If you're unsure don't worry. As an experienced traveler and photographer I am here to help you with this important decision. Once you have the country or the state, try getting a little more specific, your elopement photographer will be there to help you pick the right location. This could be a National Park park, public land, a forest or a destination location.
  2. Hire a photographer. Someone who is either familiar with the state (aka local), or someone who has been to that location and will do a research and location scouting to for your ideal vision. Many photographers work in other states and live in another, so don't be afraid to hire someone out of state. The key in choosing the right photographer, is not only whether you like their photography style, but also making sure they are knowledgable about elopement planning process and are willing to do the research on local regulations and permit requirements. Goof photographer should follow LNT leave no trace practices and he or she shouldn't cut corners when it comes to getting permits and do throughout research on locations. If you're looking for a photographer that's very knowledgeable: say hi!
  3. Once you have the photographer, tentative or specific location now pick the date! This is important not only for you to make your travel arrangements but also in obtaining permits if necessary, locking in your photographer (many book months to a year in advance) and slowly connecting with any vendors you might need.
  4. Check the legal requirements: Once you narrowed down the location make sure you meet the legal requirements to get married in your chosen location. This may include obtaining a marriage license in a different state, getting special use permits, and having an officiant for the ceremony. Some locations especially on public lands and in National Parks may have restrictions in terms of what props do they allow. Many national parks don't allow any props except of chair, or real and dry flowers that will seed. Once again, that's where good professional photographer comes in.
  5. Details and vendors. Decide what you want your elopement to look like? Do you want a simple ceremony with just the two of you, or do you want to invite a small number of close family and friends? Do you want to elope at a small venue or in nature? What decorations do you want to include, which correlates with step 4. Will you hire hair and make up person, or a florist? Where will you stay? How about your dress, the rings. Any fun hiking adventures? What is it that you both love doing together and you want to include in your special day?
  6. Once you've decided on the details, make any necessary arrangements this is usually few months before your wedding This may include booking a airbnb, hiring an officiant, and arranging for any necessary travel such as flights or car rentals. This is the time to book any fun adventures such as hot air ballon ride or helicopter ride!
  7. About month before your big day have a timeline.Don't worry about the details of how your day is going to go because your photographer should create a timeline that makes the experience smooth and fun. This is also the best time to get your marriage license but don't worry because most states give your 30 days to obtain it, and you can get married soon after you get it, which is great for those traveling from out of state.
  8. Get married: On the day of your elopement, show up at your chosen location and get married! Make sure you have any necessary paperwork and documents with you, and don't forget the rings! Yay, have the best adventure yet...Have more questions? Make sure to reach out!

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