Things You Need to Know About Having Photos Taken at Albion Basin

Albion Basin is a scenic and popular area located in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah. It's renowned for its stunning wildflower displays, particularly during the summer months when the basin comes alive with vibrant colors. Albion Basin might be Utah's best wildflower spot. It located near ski resort Alta in Northern Utah, just about 45 min from Salt Lake City.

Few things to keep in mind when planning and elopement or engagement at this location:

  • summer is by far the best time of the year because of the wildflowers. Depending on a year and how much snow Alta got the time of when the wildflowers are in full bloom might change. Sometimes it's early August, sometimes mid August.
  • The road leading to Albion Basin might also be closed late in the spring because of the snow. There is an alternative trail (about 30min long) leading up to the basin from the resort and Alta Grill.
  • The cost to enter Albion Basin is $10 per car but as mentioned above you can park 3 miles below and hike up for free.
  • As of 2023 there are no photography permits required anymore but that might change so make sure your photographer is up to date
  • Because of people stepping on flowers there are ropes along the path to prevent that from happening. Please make sure to stay on designated paths or photo platforms.
albion basin elopement

Best Time for Photos at Albion Basin

Summer is by far the most photogenic time. Early August is when you can expect wildflowers to start blooming (and they'll continue throughout the month) A variety of wildflowers, including lupines, Indian paintbrushes, columbines, and more, create a picturesque landscape. Mid June to August is also the greenest.

Sunrise is a beautiful and quiet time of the day for pictures. Sunsets get more busy with hikers and photographers but if you continue on the path you can find private spots. The alpen glow is beautiful at both sunrise and sunset. Fall is also a beautiful season with the grasses getting more yellow and dry. There are nice Aspen trees that turn yellow as well as few maples in the distance.

Engagement or Elopement at Albion Basin

Albion Basin is a paradise for photographers, especially those interested in landscape and nature photography. The contrast between the colorful flowers and the rugged mountain backdrop provides stunning photo opportunities. No wonder this location attracts photographers as well as couples. You get both the views and if you don't mind a little hiking you get privacy for these beautiful photos.

Elopement at Albion Basin can also be a great idea and overall experience. If you're into an adventure and spectacular views, I highly recommend eloping at Alta, and then going on a hike through this beautiful area to Cecret Lake only a few miles away. There are a few easily accessible spots for the first look, ceremony with a family and then the couple can go on on a private hiking and photo adventure. I always recommend allowing time to enjoy the area but also to allow for the most intentional experience.

The area is protected, and visitors are encouraged to respect the environment and follow Leave No Trace principles to preserve the beauty and ecosystem of the basin.

If you're looking to have you engagement photos takes at Albion Basin make sure to reach out.

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