My Favorite Places to Elope in the PNW

Before I start writing about the most beautiful places in the PNW for intimate weddings and elopements, let me start by few words about me. Before switching to elopements I was (and still am:) travel and landscape photographer. The love for the two goes together, along with my love for hiking. I have traveled to over 50 countries in pursuit of photography and hiking adventure but I always say, very few places offer so much as the USA does, in terms of diversity and beauty.

I love the PNW and its beauty and spent many summers exploring, scouting locations and photographing landscape so this guide is based on my research of places that will take your breath away. Fun fact- I was actually moving to WA when my unexpected love story rerouted me to...Utah, where I presently live with my boyfriend.

Mt Rainier Elopement

Mt. Rainier is a stunning location for an elopement! If you are considering eloping at Mt. Rainier consider summer months into fall for the best weather and wildflowers. As always the steps to elope at any National Park are similar:

Get a permit: You will need to obtain a permit from the National Park Service if you plan to hold your elopement ceremony within the park. This will ensure that you have the necessary permissions and that you are aware of any rules or regulations. I can help with that. Ideally you’d allow at least 60 days for the permit.

Choose a location for your ceremony. You can’t just have the ceremony anywhere in the park. NPS designates ceremony sites to accommodate guests and make it least impactful on the landscape. Mt. Rainier offers a variety of beautiful locations for an elopement, such as Paradise, Reflection Lakes, or Sunrise. Consider the time of year, weather, and accessibility when choosing a location.

Mt. Rainier is a breathtaking backdrop for elopement photos. The good news is that after the ceremony you can have photos takes pretty much anywhere in the park.

north cascades elopement
mt rainier elopement
mt rainier elopement

North Cascades Elopement

Whether you want to elope inside the actual North Cascades National Park or outside of among beautiful mountains, there are many places to choose from. You almost can’t go wrong with the scenery. If you’re planning on eloping within the park you will need special use permit also known as your wedding permit, and make sure you understand what you’ll need to do to get your Washington state marriage license. The permit costs 50$ (at the time of writing this blog) and should be obtained at least a few months before your elopement day. To make the payment and find out more about the permit you can click here.

Mt Baker Elopement

Some of my favorite locations include the beautiful area of Mt Baker which is the third-highest peak in Washington. This epic mountain is a popular hiking destination and it's really hard to narrow down to just a few.

Mt Baker offers so much more: fire lookouts atop of mountain peaks, incredible hikes to the most stunning and remote locations, even the hot spring and epic sunsets and more.

My favorite area to photograph elopements is Artist Point which offers stunning views of Shuksan (especially for sunset) and Mt. Baker. With a variety of hiking trails and lakes, this spot will give you views of snow-capped mountains, amazing lake reflections perfect for any kind of engagement, elopement, and wedding photos. Artist Point, which offers stunning 360-degree views of Mt Shuksan and Mt Baker. With a variety of hiking trails, this spot will give you views Another great area near Mt baker is the famous Picture Lake just about 10 min drive from Artist Point parking lot. This lake offers great views, wildflowers, and often stunning reflections for a short photoshoot before you continue up the road to Artist Point Lookout.

Remember, your elopement should be a reflection of your love and your unique style. Enjoy

the beauty of Washington state and make your day unforgettable!

pew elopement in the north cascades.

Oregon Coast

The Oregon Coast is known for its stunning natural beauty, with dramatic cliffs, long stretches of sandy beaches, and rugged coastline. The landscape provides an idyllic backdrop for romantic elopements and wedding photography. It provides seclusion if you want a private and intimate ceremony, away from the crowds and distractions of a traditional wedding. The Oregon Coast offers plenty of secluded spots where you can exchange vows in peace. I wrote a comprehensive blog about how to Elope on Oregon Coast, so feel free to check it out.

Are you interested in an elopement in the PNW?